The VSC infrastructure is can also be used by industry and non-Flemish research institutes. Here we describe the modalities.


It is possible to get paid access to the Tier-1 infrastructure of the VSC. In a first phase, you can get up to 100 free node-days of compute time to verify that the infrastructure is suitable for your applications. You can also get basic support for software installation and the use of the infrastructure. When your software requires a license, you should take care of that yourself.

For further use, there is a tree-parties legal agreement required with KU Leuven as the operator of the system and the Research Foundation - Flanders (FWO). You will be billed only for the computing time used and reserved disk space, according to the following rates:

Summary of Rates (VAT included):


(euro/node day)



Non-Flemish public research institutes and not-for-profit organisations

€ 13

€ 15


€ 13

€ 15

These prices include the university overhead and basic support from the Tier-1 support staff, but no advanced level support by specialised staff.

For more information you can contact our industry account manager (FWO).


It is also possible to gain access to the Tier-2 infrastructure within the VSC. Within the Tier-2 infrastructure, there are also clusters tailored to special applications such as small clusters with GPU or Xeon Phi boards, a large shared memory machine or a cluster for Hadoop applications. See the high-level overview or detailed pages about the available infrastructure for more information.

For more information and specific arrangements please contact the coordinator of the institution which operates the infrastructure. In this case you only need an agreement with this institution without involvement of the FWO.

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