We offer you the opportunity of a free trial of the Tier-1 to prepare a future regular Tier-1 project application. You can test if your software runs well on the Tier-1 and do the scalability tests that are required for a project application.

If you want to check if buying compute time on our infrastructure is an option, we offer a very similar free programme for a test ride.

Characteristics of a Starting Grant

  • The maximum amount is 500 nodedays.
  • The maximal allowed period to use the compute time is 4 months.
  • The total disk storage should not surpass 250 GiB.
  • The allocation is personal and can't be transferred or shared with other researchers.
  • Requests can be done at any time, there are no cutoff days.
  • The use of this compute time is free of charge.

Procedure to apply and grant the request

  1. Download the application form for a starting grant version 2019 (docx, 33 kB).
  2. Send the completed application by e-mail to the Tier-1 contact address (hpcinfo@icts.kuleuven.be), with your local VSC coordinator in cc.
  3. The request will be judged for its validity by the Tier-1 coordinator.
  4. After approval the Tier-1 coordinator will give you access and compute time.
    If not approved, you will get an answer with a motivation for the decision.
  5. The granted requests are published on the VSC website. Therefore you need to provide a short abstract in the application.

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